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Stock Markets catch their breath as Metals sink. Bitcoin pulls back! Look out everyone!

It’s Saturday, January 16, 2021, and this your Gold, Silver, Bitcoin, and Stock Market report. The markets take a pause this week to catch their breath! Gold and Silver drop this week, Bitcoin sells off from record highs, and the Dow Jones / Nasdaq / S&P500 pull back from recent highs.

The markets are entering a consolidation phase with profit-taking happening in the stock markets and possibly Bitcoin. We expect more of this in the coming week as Biden Administration takes over. …

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Why GILT has become part of my Passive Income Portfolio as I work toward $100,000/year in Passive Income!

I added $GILT to my passive income portfolio at the beginning of 2021. I did it because the ex-dividend date was on 1/8/2021 and I saw that it had a low price with a history of big dividend payouts.

Albeit it is a short dividend history.

I’ve written that my goal is to build up a passive income portfolio. My measure of success will be when I generate a $100,000 a year income, and right now GILT is part of that strategy.

The angle here was to buy 200 shares for $1,400, net the dividends, and keep it going. …

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Markets Rally! Stocks and Bitcoin at all time highs as the Metal market sinks!

It’s Saturday, January 9, 2021, and this your Gold, Silver, Bitcoin, and Stock Market report. What a week! With the Capitol riots in DC — incited by the outgoing Trump administration — many anticipated the markets to fall.

Watch out everyone, this can get hairy!

Instead, they all charged higher closing at all-time highs! The Stock Market likes the incoming Biden administration because more stimulus is coming. Bitcoin rallied to another record this week breaking and closing above $40,000 a coin.

The possibility of stimulus is pushing Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies higher as many coin holders believe that the Stock Market rally is unsustainable due to the current fiscal policies. This is a classic market, Bulls vs Bears based on differences in monetary and fiscal ideology. …

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I’m shaking $hit up and it’s going to get real in my Passive Income Journey!

I spent the first week of 2021 reacquainting myself with Dividend Reinvesting and I’ve concluded that it makes a ton of sense for someone like me. Retirement isn’t here yet but I can see it coming on the horizon. I’d need to think about stabilizing my investments against volatility and start thinking of long term income.

When I first started investing I put a small amount of money in Dividend Reinvestment Plans (still long INTC, thank you very much) and focused on growth inside my retirement accounts. The growth strategy coupled with a passive investing approach has paid off handsomely. For the both of us! …

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Bitcoin rages higher, Gold and Silver close higher to the end year strong but trouble lies ahead.

Happy New Year! It’s Friday January 1, 2021 and this your Gold, Silver, and Bitcoin market report! Markets are closed today. Gold closed up +1.89% this week to $1,893.09. Silver also closed higher, up +1.97% to $26.33. Bitcoin had another spectacular week, closing the 2020 year at $29,001.72.

Gold Chart

Gold closed the year closer to the $1,900 level contrary to our call to be closer to the $1,800 level. Gold Bulls wanted to finish the year strong and they did, however the Bears stopped them just shy of the magic $1,900 level. This does not bode well for Gold Bulls as the resistance is becoming too strong. …

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My thoughts on starting dividend investing. I want to build a passive investing portfolio of high dividend yielding stocks, ETFs, and mutual funds!

As 2020 was ending I took some time to look at our 401k balances. This was a good year for our investments, all things considered, but one thing surprised me. There was a line item for “dividend’s earned” and it was quite a large number. My wife’s 401k earned more dividends than what I made as a salary in my first year out of college!

This got me thinking about a passive investing strategy that I first read about decades ago. That strategy was about dividend investing and how to build up a passive income strategy. It sounded cool, to have stocks, ETFs, or mutual funds generate $40,000 or $50,000 a year in dividend income! I figured it would be like having another person working for you and giving you their income! …

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2020 was a busy year for me but I made time to read a few books for pleasure. Some were for reference and the good news was that I didn’t abandon as many books as I usually do in a year.

Without further ado, here’s my 2020 list of good, the bad, and the scandalous books that came across my way.

Books Read

Gogyohka Five-Line Poetry — I loved this book! I was always intrigued on how Gogyohka, a 5 line poetry form got started. The book had lots of interesting Gogyohka poems from all walks of life. …

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Awake, Men.

We have been asleep for far too long. We have hidden behind flights of fancy. Behind our video games, guns, and cars. We have eaten the poison for what it means to “be a man” by corporations. We get upset over razor blade commercials when our mothers, sisters, wives, lovers are calling out for help. We ignore their pleas. We don’t believe them because we are asleep!

Awake! Men.

Some of us feel empty. The world is changing. Our roles have changed. The system is crumbling. We have coasted for too long on the coat tails of our grandfathers and fathers. They have bent you into a shape of their ideal vision. Stretch! Come undone. …

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Gold and Silver prices edged lower this week, closing out a fantastic year for the metals. Bitcoin charged higher last week!

It’s Saturday, December 26, 2020 and this is the last Gold and Silver market report for 2020! Look to more market reports in 2021 with additional market commentary when applicable.

Gold and Silver Markets closed lower last week with Gold closing down -0.58% to $1,874.69 and Silver down -0.46% to $25.82.

Our proprietary models all point to Gold and Silver being fairly valued at these levels. Any price movements above these values are considered forthy and prone to corrections. Conversely, any prices moves below these values constitutes a good value play.

Gold Chart

Bears came out this week to stop any upward price moves for Gold. We had previously written that Gold appears to be making lower highs and lower lows. Our models show that the trend for Gold remains down and we continue to see lower price moves for Gold in the next week. …

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Want to be more Creative? Take a Walk!

I make no qualms about it, I want to be like Hemingway. Not in his self-destructive aggrandizing ways, but more like his lesser known writing habits.

Was he a flawed man? You bet.

Did he do shitty things? No doubt!

Misogynist? Yep.

Yet, the thing that draws me to his works is his efficient prose and something not often thought about: his morning routine.

Do not seek to follow in the footsteps of the wise. Seek what they sought. — Matsuo Basho

No, I don’t want to copy him or write like him. I’m on my own path and I have my own stories to tell. I take the advice of Haiku Master Matso Basho, I’m seeking what Hemingway sought. I’m trying to understand what the Writing Masters learned and seek that wisdom for myself. …


Thomas Ott

I write here for fun. I’m Human, I think. #WritersGonnaWrite

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